The Origins of Power

03/15/2010 at 9:27 pm (Uncategorized)

There have been times, while giving a tarot reading, that someone has asked me where the information comes from. A few months ago I would have told you definitively that my psychism didn’t come directly from me. I was merely an antenna, able to pick up the signal, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. I would state this with some conviction.

I have know a magician or two that believes that if they are not doing the magic, that it doesn’t exist. I have to admit this amuses me. Yes, we can, through our will and intent work with the magical energies, but they exist whether we work with them or not.

Well, as we all know, or will come to learn, the essence of working with magic is that everything is always changing and as soon as you think you’ve got something figured out, you learn something that takes you back to square one! This is how we grow. The magic changes as the world changes. We have to learn (however frustrating) to change along with it. Like an astral snow boarder, staying flexible, trying to stay balanced, but occasionally wiping out and getting stuck in a drift!

So I was working on the second volume of the SOL archives (available at [shameless plug!!]) and I was working on the chapter on inner power. Here is a quote from that chapter It comes directly from the inner plane contact of the school.

Power does not lie in words, actions, spells, or rites, or even knowledge. Power lies within certain people and very few of them realise this; even fewer dare to use it. Those that do place themselves beyond what you would call good or evil.

There is no good, nor is there evil, there is only intent. When intent is linked to power, action is set in motion. The emotion that lies within the power holder then becomes the driving force of that action, transmuting it into what the human mind perceives as good or evil.

Well, that threw my original theory out the window! You see, I thought I knew something! I had a handle on where the power came from and how I utilized it. Well, not so much! So I began to think it through.

I suppose on some level I must have at lease suspected this. There has been the occasional time where, especially in moments of anger, I have caused something to happen accidently. (especially before I understood my capabilities) Still, it was much more comfortable for me to believe my skills lived outside of my physical body. Why? Perhaps because I have seen a lot of magical arrogance, people so wrapped up in how powerful they believe they are that they lose sight of the work itself. Listen, I’m not Mother Teresa, but power deserves respect. I don’t go swimming in the ocean without a lifeguard on the beach. Just because it’s beautiful doesn’t mean that the undertow can’t get the better of you.



  1. Aeptha said,

    Well written!

  2. Robin said,

    And often the most rare and beautiful shells tossed up on the beach are the result of that undertow. No longer in the depths (of the shadow), but in the true Light( of Sun’s grace)for all to see. Thank you for sharing this Debbie.

  3. ZAREMA said,

    Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

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